New Technology, Old Process

To combine all the advantages of digital design with handcrafted perfection, Lemoncheese Press offers printing from photopolymer plates. In this process any digital file, be it image or type, is transferred to a polymer plate with raised surfaces suitable for applying ink. The plate is pressed into the paper creating a crisp impression pleasingly tactile and visibly different from other printing methods.

Beauty of Lead

Metal type has a beauty all its own — a slight irregularity and character not often seen in the digital age. Very little new metal type is manufactured presently, but Lemoncheese Press has several fonts of antique type cast in metal for the job that demands it.

So Many Presses, So Little Time

In addition to printing on the 1896 Chandler and Price platen press and the 1924 Hacker proof press at the studio, Li is a skilled printer on Vandercooks, Heidelberg Windmills, and various iron hand-presses such as the Washington, Albion and Columbian. She leads hand press printing demonstrations at a number of local institutions.

Photo courtesy of Fang-Ling Jong.

Broadsides and Keepsakes

Letterpress printing is the printing of raised type onto a surface. At Lemoncheese Press, the same principles that Johannes Gutenberg applied to the first mechanical printing system over 500 years ago are combined with the precision of modern technology and the practiced eye of an artist to create beautiful and memorable pieces.

Announcements and Invitations


Prints and Cards

A few years ago, Li started experimenting with using film as a drawing medium. The idea of using new technology in a traditional way was appealing. All the prints you see here are hand drawn directly on the film which is used to expose polymer plates, and then hand printed. Li continues to explore new techniques in this hand crafted method.


Typography is a subtle art. When executed correctly, the reader shouldn't notice it – it should be in harmony with your work and help convey it to the reader.

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